How do I live in the fast lane without becoming a victim of fast food?

08/09/2012 19:51

If you're anything like me, most of your life is spent in your car getting from point A to point B to point C and finally ending at point Z before heading home to finish more tasks before you literally fall into the bed, only to get up and do it all over again.  Living fast can mean eating food that is.  Is it possible to live life in the fast lane without losing the fast food battle?  I believe that it is absolutely possible.  I had a lot to learn when I started attempting to change my life.  I finally figured out a few tricks and solutions to the fast food problem.  Let me make a list of some of these for you!  Let me warn you...some of them are rather odd but are great helpers.

1.  I kept spray butter in my purse for outings in which I thought a baked sweet potato or something of that nature would be something I may order.

2.  If I was going somewhere in which I had a pancake or waffle craving, I would take sugar free syrup.

3.  Download a restaurant app!  It'll show you nutritional information for many popular restaurants.

4.  If you have a sweet tooth like I do, you're in luck!  Tons of yogurt places have fat free/sugar free yogut.  Add some fresh fruit to your controlled amount of yogurt, and your sweet tooth is satisfied.  Also, a McDonald's ice cream cone is 150 calories.

5.  Most fast food places have dollar menus with enticing unhealthy food...avoid the dollar menu!

6.  Most fast food places offer grapes, oranges, or apples in their value meals.  If you order a grilled chicken sandwich or other healthier sandwich, avoid the fries and go for the fruit.

7.  When ordering a sandwich from a fast food joint, avoid sauces especially mayo!  I've been known to carry packets of light mayo in my purse.

8.  If your friends say, "Hey, let's go eat Mexican!"  AVOID THE CHIPS!  It's hard, but possible.  And definitely no cheese dip!  I know...brutal!

9.  Be careful when ordering salads...some aren't any better than a Big Mac.

10.  Dip your salad into your dressing...don't pour.  Dressings are full of fat and can make your salad extremely unhealthy.

11.  Have a healthy snack stash in your purse for difficult cravings!

It is possible to live in the fast lane without being a fast food victim.  Be conscious of what you are ordering and maintain portion control!