How do you start your day?

08/01/2012 09:48

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  So why is it the one we have the most trouble with?  I hear all the time, "I mean I don't eat breakfast, and I'm still gaining weight."  In college, I didn't eat breakfast, because let's be honest, what college student gets up, gets dressed, and wants to tromp across campus to the caf to eat breakfast?  None!  By lunch time, I was starving after tackling a class or two, and I would overeat.  Dinner would come a few hours later, and my body would be overloaded with too many calories too fast.  I didn't have time to burn any of the tons that I had eaten at lunch before I put more in my body at dinner.  When I began to really learn about eating healthy and changing my lifestyle instead of dieting, I finally figured out why the whole breakfast thing was important.  Follow me here...breakfast is the first meal of the day, which means it sets the stage for the rest of your day.  When you eat only carbs for breakfast, you bottom out your system and feeling full doesn't even last for the commute to work.  So what do you do when you get to work?  You find the vending machine and get a snack, which is more than likely NOT healthy at all!  When you eat nothing for breakfast, you are starving by lunch time and overindulge.  What did I finally figure out worked for breakfast?  PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN.  Protein is a filler and will allow you to fill full longer.  Protein filled oatmeal, egg whites with one whole egg with turkey sausage, a protein meal bar...find something that you like that has a good amount of protein.  You have the entire day to burn breakfast calories, but it is usually the meal that is the smallest for us.  Then we eat large amounts at supper time and sit down after a long day to watch our favorite tv shows.  A few hours later, we go to bed.  Your body is unable to burn all of the calories that you ate at supper.  That's why the weight piles on.  EAT A GOOD BALANCED BREAKFAST...EVERYDAY!  Allow your body to enjoy a fuel charged meal before you start your day, and I promise your other meals will flow alot better!