Thanks for the curve ball, life. No really...they're my favorite kind to knock out of the park!

08/20/2012 21:49

You're lying to yourself and everyone around you if you say that you've never had life throw you a curve ball.  When applying it to the world of "lifestyle changing", curve balls become the pitches that can send a ball soaring or cause you to strike out at the plate.  If you have a food problem like I do, you're never "cured" of it.  When life decides to throw a jab to your gut, that's when you either throw a harder punch or fall to the mat in surrender.  If you're like me, you are an emotional eater.  I eat when I'm happy, sad, excited, angry, name it.  Sometimes, I even justify my bad food decisions on life circumstances.  Let me give you an example...oh, I had to grade three sets of tests, write another test, write a kid up, and call two parents...I deserve a brownie.  Yeah...admit've done it.  On the flip side, it may go something like this...I had the best celebrate, I'm going to have the large pasta dish and eat the WHOLE thing.  I know...I don't want to admit it, but you've done it.  These slips are not exactly what I'm talking about.  What I'm talking about is a major life changing situation that can determine your success or failure depending on your mentality.  When I began teaching almost 5 years ago, my life was rocked.  Mom and Dad had separated, and I had begun my life as a "real adult."  Two life altering scenarios for me personally, and my response to those curve balls was a massive STRIKE OUT!  Instead of understanding that I could hit a curve ball, I accepted the fact that I had already swung and missed so I'd never be able to hit one.  I immediately indulged in the one addiction that I was a victim  Oh I was watching what I was eating...I was just watching it go into my mouth in larger, unhealthy portions.  When you swing and miss once, sometimes we don't see the other two strikes we have left as opportunity to change the outcome.  We see the strike as defeat and succomb to what we believe is the inevitable...A STRIKE OUT. do we hit a home run instead of striking out?  Great question...let me tell you the few things I've learned that work for me.  Number 1:  There is no curve ball in life that can not be overcome...plain and simple.  Number 2:  Put the fork down! looks good, and you know it tastes good...but is it really worth it in the end?  Number 3:  YOU HAVE TWO STRIKES LEFT!! See the glass as half full instead of half empty.  Number 4:  Make a daily...hourly...however often you need to...commitment to good food choices.  I have to renew my commitment sometimes minute by minute...and that's okay! Number 5:  Get off your butt and exercise away some of that stress!  Number 6:  Do not let anyone tell you that it's okay to give up this time and pick it back up when your "life situation" is over.  Number 7:  Find someone who will hold you accountable for good food/exercise choices even during those difficult times.  We all need a kick in the tail sometimes!

 Life's curve balls never quit just have to learn how to hit them!

Even if you strike out once, you're allowed three outs before the inning is over.  Never...EVER....give up!